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Assessing What Is Really Important: How EMM Loans Is Giving Back

With all that is going on – the election drama, COVID-19, job interruptions – it is a great time to take a step back and put things in perspective. To assess what it is that really matters and to take inventory of what our core values really represent.

At EMM Loans we have done just that. And we realize that what we are about is bringing people together and helping them stay together. That is why we are in the business of providing residential home loans. Helping people afford a home gives our borrowers a place to share experiences and raise a family. It also helps them become part of something incredibly personal and safe. They now share ownership in a community and have a neighborhood of people to connect with.

Keeping families together can be a challenge at times though. “A child becoming critically ill can destabilize a home, especially if a parent or guardian has to take unpaid leave to be with the child. Such an incident can take a large emotional and financial toll and can put a family’s home at risk. That is why we are happy to be partnering with the Mortgage Bankers Associations Open Doors Foundation, a foundation that supports families around the country by offering grants of up to $2,500 to help families pay their mortgages or rents while they focus what is most important, their critically ill or injured child,” said Kevin Crichton, President and COO of EMM Loans.

“Open Doors just surpassed 6,000 families helped, and we expanded our hospital network twofold,” said Deb Dubois, the President of the Open Doors Foundation. “It is the support from companies like EMM Loans that has allowed us to donate $8,600,000 to families so far. We are getting more and more inquiries from social workers and hospitals and we can’t bring them into our network without supporters like EMM Loans.”

At EMM Loans, our goal isn’t just to find you the right mortgage and assist you in buying a home. We want to be a home loan partner for the long term, in good and bad times. Working with organizations like Open Doors helps us keep homeowners connected to their homes and their families as they move through their home ownership journey.

Bringing people together and helping them stay together. Making sure a house is a home. That’s what is most important to us.