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8 Holiday Decorating Tips for the Procrastinator

These days short holiday delivery times, while not always the case, are expected. Retailers

customarily offer overnight or two-day delivery. They also stoke last minute sales by offering free shipping or additional discounts. Retailers have not only encouraged the procrastinator in us but made it pay off.

Technology companies have also enabled our procrastination. With the pace of updates

quickening, why buy an iPhone or a laptop on Black Friday when you can wait a month and get one that is two versions later. That’s why it should come as no surprise that as of the end of November, consumers still had 49% of their shopping to do according to a survey by the

National Retail Federation.

With procrastination becoming the norm, decorating the house is often put off as well. And

while it might be delayed, it should not be foregone. Decking the halls at holiday time is more than just decoration for decorations sake. It reminds us of holidays past, of good times had, of why we really celebrate. It is a bonding experience to be shared by groups both small and large.

Since you only have a few weeks to enjoy these decorations, you might not want to put in a lot of effort or spend a lot of money. Here are a few decorating ideas that don’t take a lot of time and can help the holiday spirit flow from room to room.

1. Add Greenery and Flowers

Put garland on the bannisters and fireplace mantle, a mistletoe over the entranceway, add some boxwood cuttings or evergreen sprigs to the holiday table or perhaps some branches in a vase in the living room. Greenery is not only decorative; it brings the smell of the fresh outdoors inside.

2. Bring the Lighting Down

Add candles to your décor and turn down the brighter lights (unless they are outside and shining on your house). Candles give your home a warm glow and can highlight other decorating elements like the garland on the fireplace mantel or the centerpiece on the holiday table. Use them in a hurricane or stand alone.

Use the scented ones and let your sense of smell join the party. (Keep candles in safe

place and never leave unattended, of course.)

3. Decorate Your Front Door

Your front door is the focal point of your home for visitors. It is the first thing they see before entering. Decorating this part of your house is guaranteed to leave an impression.

There are a lot of nice pre-made wreaths available. Typically, they have things like

pinecones, ribbons and trim already added. Urns with small evergreens or filled with

decorative branching like laurel or white birch are nice add-ons for either side of the

door. If you have railings leading up the front steps, garland can be added here as well.

4. Get Rooms Ready

The holidays often bring a short-term change in the way we use some of our rooms. Decluttering your study will allow you to use it as a wrapping room or an assembly area for the stickers that need to go on the Barbie Jeep or the assembly of the doll house. You might want to rearrange the furniture in the living room to offer a better view of the Christmas tree and adjust the dining room to accommodate the folks in the home.

5. Use Your Extra Ornaments

Most people have more ornaments than they could possibly put on one tree. Use the handmade and sentimental ornaments on the tree and take your time putting them up. Remember who gave you that one or what the occasion was. Take the bright-colored balls and bulbs and put them in hurricane glasses and apothecary jars around the house. You can also mix them with natural elements like pinecones and evergreen to create centerpieces for a table.

6. Window Decorations

Take a piece of garland and put it on the top of the window pane. Then use small ribbons to hang decorative ornaments from it.

7. Holiday Pictures

Any pictures around from past holidays? Now would be a good time to bring them out. This initiates a conversation and helps stir up good memories.

8. Get a Tree

This falls into the category of “it’s never too late.” If you have waited this long, you might be able to get a deal. The tree provides the platform to collect memories. Over the years you have likely been given and gathered ornaments that each have their own story. The tree, and the process of decorating, is ritual for many families, a bonding experience that binds.

Those of us who have had to give a last-minute Chia Pet gift know that procrastination might be something we all do at times but it isn’t necessarily the best way to go about the holidays. Take a few minutes and utilize some of these tips. You will not have another opportunity to prepare and not scramble for another year.