Underwriting has many important customers. It’s not only our Sales and Processing Teams but the broker and the agent as well. Although it can be easy to create a Raving Fan when a loan is approved, our intent is to generate fans even when the answer is not as easy. Our mission is to be a resource and to work collaboratively with our partners, both internally and externally. We have developed:

The UW Hotline so team members have a simple way to obtain answers on specific guidelines.

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We have a Scenario and Product desk to help structure more complicated loans.

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We recently added a “Rush” queue in Encompass so we can prioritize loans that need an immediate answer or a quicker close.

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A formal escalation process was developed to provide more timely reviews of suspended or decline loans.

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Our goal is to be consistent, collaborative and reliable. Everyone is accessible and we welcome the questions and feedback that come with this role. Although we may sometimes have to deliver a “no”, we will escalate, consider options, call investors or research alternative products before that “no” becomes final. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to all of our customers.

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