It is the duty of operations to serve the Team Members of EMM working loans from the point of Disclosures through Post Closing. Our interaction includes both internal and external team members as well as external partners who assist us in closing loans for our borrowers.

Everyone in Operations understands that part of their job is customer service and the expectation is that we treat fellow Team Players with respect, smile over the phone, provide quick turn times for questions, escalations and execute on our normal process flows.

Although our interaction with the borrower is limited it is important how we treat our fellow Team Members so the loan process happens in an efficient and smooth manner for all involved.

Disclosure/Re-disclose/Adverse loans accurately and in an expeditious manner for all our customers

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Process loans with a focus on turn times, limited conditions while providing a consistent flow of communication

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Close loans with a focus on accuracy, timeliness while providing a consistent flow of communication

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Post-Closing and Final Docs - Ensure stability of all closed loans while working with investors, banks, internal and external parties

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Management Team - Our team continually looks for ways to improve our process flows, increase production, reduce defects, foster a positive work environment and provide outstanding customer service to all our customers.

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Our goal is to make the process seamless to the customer, internal and external while providing the best experience possible. Unlike most companies we do not believe in a one size fits all. We want your input as a mortgage professional on what has worked best for you in your career.

Regardless, we will ensure a harmonious integration with our highly experienced processing leadership so you will have Raving Fans with your clients and partners. We do this by keeping all participants in the transaction up to date with timely status, proactively identifying any challenges, being the subject matter experts, and working relentlessly to bring the file to the closing table expeditiously.

We own the process and keep EMM Loans llc’s “eye on the prize” to fund the loan

Identify any opportunities to provide leadership with suggestions on how to continuously improve the experience

Act as the face of the company to make a lasting impression on the customer

Constantly advocate for the customer while making sure we do what’s right for the company


Underwriting has many important customers. It’s not only our Sales and Processing Teams but the broker and the agent as well. Although it can be easy to create a Raving Fan when a loan is approved, our intent is to generate fans even when the answer is not as easy. Our mission is to be a resource and to work collaboratively with our partners, both internally and externally. We have developed:

The UW Hotline so team members have a simple way to obtain answers on specific guidelines.

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We have a “Rush” queue in Encompass so we can prioritize loans that need an immediate answer or a quicker close.

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A formal escalation process was developed to provide more timely reviews of suspended or decline loans.

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Our goal is to be consistent, collaborative and reliable. Everyone is accessible and we welcome the questions and feedback that come with this role. Although we may sometimes have to deliver a “no”, we will escalate, consider options, call investors or research alternative products before that “no” becomes final. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to all of our customers.

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